C. Tardy welding

The dairy of today is not your grandfather's dairy.  Technology and economies of scale have taken the dairy cow out of that red barn and placed her in an entirely new environment.  With that new environment comes new responsibilities to care for that cow.  Your dairy lives and dies with that cow, so lets take care of her.  How do we deal with increasing numbers and new barn technology in an ever evolving industry?  With innovative equipment solutions.

    Bale spears and bale wagons assist in harvesting that important feed crop.  Tire shooters help cover and preserve the silage crop.  Silage facers help produce a fresh feed diet.  Feed plows ensure that she always has feed available.  Tire scrapers leave a clean alley for healthier feet.  Bedding wagons help fill the stalls with good bedding.  A freestall grooming rake gives her a comfortable bed and time off her feet.

     If you want to demo a piece of equipment, that is fine.  If you want to modify a piece of equipment let's do that.  Need to discuss a custom project not seen here, let's talk.  If there's existing equipment or mobile welding needs, I can help with that.  Innovative solutions at affordable prices are not limited by your budget, but only your imagination.