c.tardy welding

Since 2001, I have been dedicated to producing products to help keep cows clean and comfortable.  Specializing in skid steer attachments and sand bedding wagons for the dairy industry. Leading the way is The Groomer Freestall rake, a revolutionary tool to keep stalls drier, cows comfortable and save sand and compost.  This tool is on farms from 100-3100 cows, from Wi., to Fl., to Cornell University's new dairy research facility to Denmark.  This freestall rake has been show to reduce sand use by up to 20% and lower SCC by up to 100,000.  I strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with innovative solutions that can make your dairy more efficient and your cows more comfortable at an affordable price. I encourage you to compare my products to those that are commercially available.  If you are interested in an on farm demonstration, I am always open to that idea.  Seeing a product at a farm show or in a magazine only gives an idea of how a product will work.  Seeing how it performs with your facilities, your cows and most importantly, your staff, is the true test.